My October 2023 reading notes, september was a good for reading but I have being quite busy on october, I did read things but not really “read”, taking notes and studying. The point of these posts are for studiying and sometimes you don’t have time.


Being software developer is not easy, specially because there are many, many stuff going on at same time, both on industry development and technlogy, as well processes, marketing, work, economy. Sometimes I wish I was a cave man, and with a good humor this text is a good self(?) reflection on the subject.


Airbnb and similar short term rentals companies are facing troubles, post covid, classic rental markets, this video summarizes quite well the current status quo. What started and what it became. Spoiler, it is bad. The lesson to me here is about how the dynamic the world itself could turn change for the worse even if is giving profit and could end up in the end with a collapse.