Frederico Recsky

Noord-Holland Province, Netherlands

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Work as a Software Engineer focused on building systems with a high level of automation, from the initial development to deployment, testing and validation using the best tool/techniques available. I’ve worked with several technologies and quite used to integrate them.


  • Software development using Go, Python, C and Perl
  • Web-frameworks: Django, Catalyst, Gin
  • Hashicorp Terraform
  • Google Cloud Platform
  • Design of APIs for webservices
  • CI/CD pipelines with gitlab and travisCI
  • Data Extraction, transformation and analysis.
  • MySQL databases and Redis data store.
  • Development of Linux core utils tools and batch automation
  • Linux packages, RPM, Anaconda, Ansible, Embedded Linux
  • Docker, Docker Compose, multistage builds
  • Ads Api for Google, Apple



August 2015 - Present, Amsterdam Area, Netherlands

PPC team

Booking is one of the biggest online marketing advertisers and on the PPC team we take care of the communication with the search providers and the processing of the results and data reports.

  • Integration and Data Processing for ads:
    • Google Ads
    • Apple Ads
  • Integration of on-premise system with google cloud platform
  • Infrastructure of the software and tools used with ppc/ads bidding systems
  • Tools for managing marketing campaigns on google using Google Ads API
  • Migrated and updated the system to process of ads using a distributed system
Core Infrastructure Team
  • Planning and implementation of a Service Directory for the new SOA architecture
  • Developer cycle and experience for migration or when creating a new service
  • Helped on the development of the internal web services framework
SEO Team
  • Internal SEO tools and infrastructure designed on the scale required by
  • Internal crawler development: improved the internal crawler used to get SEO information about the site. Enabled it to have SEO metrics for the entire set of links of the website instead just a sample of it.


Software Specialist

Product Engineering Team

June 2012 - August 2015 (3 years 3 months), Brazil

  • Development of an application for tracking and audit of production items.
  • MySQL Database cluster management and application development
  • / C# soap webservices and integration with 3rd parties
  • Redhat/CentOS System administration
  • Development of biometric enabled applications using C# and the morpho biometric devices


October 2011 - September 2014 (3 years)

  • Creating data consuming apps using RabbitMQ
  • Web Applications using Catalyst Framework;
  • Amazon s3/Dreamhost Objects;
  • Windows Phone applications;
  • Windows Desktop Applications
  • Crawlers and Data Mining
  • Mysql Replication

Software Developer

December 2009 - March 2012 (2 years 4 months) Amsterdam Area, Netherlands

  • Worked with server backend development, A/B test tools, search engine for hotels, data extraction and analysis for price parity and availability of rooms. Page 2 of 3
  • Using perl and mysql, developed modules and tools used to generate the search results of the website. Also worked with data extraction and analysis in the A/B test tool of the website.
  • Worked creating software to analyse data about price parity of hotels, generating reports used by the account managers.


Software Engineer

March 2006 - September 2009 (3 years 7 months) Hortolandia

  • Worked on Linux Technology Center, developing in Perl, C and packing software for Linux.
  • Development of IBM Installation Toolkit for Linux in System X.
  • Developing for Linux Kernel kexec, kdump tools on Cell/B.E platform.
  • Remastering and personalization of RHEL and Suse Linux for tests.
  • Helping partners like Red Hat and Novell/Suse with patches and packages to support better IBM hardware.

Sagem Orga Card Systems


June 2003 - March 2006 (2 years 10 months) Taubaté Area, Brazil

  • Linux software development using Perl, C
  • Windows software development using C++
  • Smart Card and GSM Sim cards personalization
  • Magnetic cards personalization
  • Windows Terminal Services Administration
  • AIX software development using C and Perl


Universidade de Taubate

BS, Scientific Computing (2001 - 2005)