My september 2023 notes on the content I read and found interesting. They are grouped by topics, mostly related with technology but also with other subjects. The links are on the comments, that provide context and some toughts on the matter.



A nice post from a persin that write small compilers, the article comments the chanlanges the author had to write a small compiler on 500 lines of python. The author uses as target WebAssembly. I never touched it yet and seems interesting for future study. The author chose to do a single-pass but it may be shorter and easier to get a result but I would start with two-pass. The main reason I would write a compiler is to generate/manipulate a given AST.

Software Management

Checking the recent study from a big consultancy company about developer productivity. As almost all developers around, I have strong opinions on it but I have being more pragmatic as I got older. I download the pdf from the site and read it. Before I read the article, a lot of blog posts and texts poped to me, I reserved to read them only I read the study. Also you need to register to download the PDF.

The study in my opinion just state the obvious that may be not clear for everybody. There is nothing new, just a well written document with comments for C-levels read.

This critique is more about releasing their manifesto than about the article itself. There is an anedotic argument about something like that happened on the company of one of the authors.

The other articles also goes on the same direction. To make a better software development environment and to measure the productivity you need to be organized first in my opinion.

From the original article, they comment about existing methods to measure the performance

DORA Metrics SPACE Metrics

Software Development

I like consensus algorithms so I read about them from time to time, now it is time for the Raft Consensus Algorithm On the page there is a nice demo that also serves a demo how the old network protocol NetBUIE or something like that works.

The paper itself looks interesting and will get their own post later


This site is awesome, old school site to old school people learn dutch.


Do Droughts make floods worse? As always the answer is depend. Nice video about something I noticed myself but with a deep engineering perspective. Nice quote from video: “All models are wrong but some of them are useful”