Quite hard to organize bookmarks when you have several devices and several contexts where you navigate the internet. Also the division between work, personal and even personal “work”, makes things hard to organize.

My solution for bookmarks

My solution is always chaning, but I ended up splitting into three groups, personal, work/studies, work on work environment.

  • For personal use, since I use apple devices, I stick with safari and the icloud sync them to me. Good enough.
  • For “personal” work and studies, I use the pinboard, that I have account for years and I kept the applet it on my bookmark bar because normally I study and work on my desktop.
  • Work as working for an employer, I use the solution they gave or suggest.

They provide a nice JS snippet to show the links, so I put it here also for my own use. Pinboard allows me to save them as public or private, so my public links are here: